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You bestow on him blessings forever;
You make him glad with the joy of your
Psalm; 21:6

  Taken from the Upper Room
Thought for the day
The Shepherd carries all my burdens.

What small sign of God's
presence have I seen today? 

Read  books that are
written for different ages.
Discuss them with children.
You will be surprised at their 

The trees are bare but nice
to look at anyway.

Snow flakes are on the way.
Stay in and read a good book.

Surprise someone with a gift.

 Daily Journal writing.
Don't know how to start?
Just start writing!
Start your own ancestry stories and memories
write something new  each day on your calendar
 and it keep the calendars forever.
Wonderful memories for your family
to enjoy for time eternal.

Do something just for yourself, 
like  have a hot fudge sundae

Small prayers are great
for the world

Pray for the whole world

Volunteer some time to help
with any fund raiser--
with the church, 
for the SPCA-deposit cans and bottles
at the box on the property
Keeseville UM Church Thrift Shop
donate items or consignment
local food shelf