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A huge thank you to 
Rev. Deb Earthrowl
for coming to our 
two churches.
We love you

Take the time to spend
in prayer for the next
days and weeks as we travel the
experiences of the scripture and

Prayers for the
victims of the tornadoes
in the South  ​

We are asking people to take a
minute a day to pray
for people, family and friends
of people that are dealing
with natural disasters

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Would you like to?
Send an e mail to this web site 
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Our Lord
Our  minister
Reverend Virginia Pierce
Our worshipers
Our Families
Our Friends, new and old ones
For babies
for teenagers
For new marriages
Our Whole World
A new month to look forward too
new challenges

For the rain
for sunshine
for a good book

even cold days mean
staying inside to have time
enjoying fun things
turn the tv off; talk and laugh over popcorn
tell jokes (even off racey ones!)

Today take time 
For your families
For your friends 
to drive around to
 Look at and enjoy God's creations

Pray for
 the families that have lost love ones recently
through out the past month and years
 for the Caregivers, 
for people having health problems
People in the nursing homes, hospitals, 
confined to thier homes  
Our Armed Forces all over the world, 
our Police Officers,
firefighters, first responders
friends and enemies
all the fire victims

And as always Smile at a person that you do
not know and say Hello
You never know which one will become a new friend

Peace to All